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Farm News

Our Fainting Goats are listed on the Goat Kids for Sale page.

Ranchers Journal – Wednesday August 16, 2017

Highlights Got started when I wanted to this morning, about 7:30 AM. First the keets. Yes, we will have Guinea Hen keets for the Fall Farm Tour this year. Bobbie was able to find and hatch seven of them, which are doing fine in our brooder. They are the standard gray/brown breed that we have […]

Food at the Festival

We’re ‘cooking up’ some special food items for the Mayhaw Berry Festival this weekend. Johnston’s Meat Market BBQ Lunches Johnston’s Meat Market will be here with their awesome mobile kitchen. This is the cooking unit they take to storm areas where the emergency personnel need to be fed by the hundred’s. We’re so glad to […]

Learn Ranching by Volunteering

We’ve now been in the farming/ranching business for 15 years. I don’t count the first year we bought the place. That was mostly cleaning the property and getting our sea legs or should I say our “critter” legs. Those of you that have been acquainted with us all this time know we started with Tennessee […]

Mayhaw Berry Harvest Begins!

The Mayhaw Berry Harvest has officially begun today. Fred has been out gathering some for almost a week now, but like an avalanche, the berries are ripening at an accelerated pace. We’ll all go out again later today and more often every day until the harvest is done. This is Christine writing, since Mom Bobbie […]

What’s happening with the Mayhaws?

The Mayhaw Festival will be the second weekend in May. Saturday May 7 and Sunday May 8. The hayride will be running and all the newborn kids will be in the Petting Place. We will snuggle them up close so everyone can feed and pet them. About the harvest… well, we just don’t know yet. […]

Pindo Palm – The Jelly Tree

What is that mess in my yard? Every August some nasty things appear on my beautiful palm. First they’re green then turn orange then drop on the lawn, draw roaches, gnats, mosquitoes and flies. I have to argue with the yard guy or gal to help clean them up and not run over the mess […]

Dyeing Wool and Other Fun Stuff

Yup! I’m in the kitchen but I hate to cook so why do I have stuff in the microwave? I went to the Annual Sheep, Wool and Herding Dog Conference last Saturday with my friend Kina. She was excited about the dog herding and I was interested in the wool handling. I learned to felt […]

Vendors and Friends of the Mayhaw Festival

Jefferson County Extension and 4-H Biodegradable Plant Pots Youth and adults will be making biodegradable plant pots from newspaper. The Jefferson County Extension Service will also provide soil and sun seeds. Jed Dillard, Livestock and Natural Resources Agent Who is more commonly know as the Pasture Wizard will do┬ápasture, weed and garden consultations as well […]

Mark Your Calendar

Saturday May 9 and Sunday May 10 The 2015 Mayhaw Festival Watch How to make Mayhaw Jelly We will definitely be harvesting out of the water this year. I just hope some of those industrious folks that came to help last year will show up again. It was especially fun to have them and what […]

New Leaf Market Tour October 25

Saturday from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM here at Golden Acres Ranch. However, we’ll be around all day Sunday for anyone that shows up. We’ll still have the hay wagon going and the cute little critters in the petting pens – puppies this year. Now add baby goats, kids, to that mi and maybe some […]