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What’s happening with the Mayhaws?

Written by: Bobbie
March 7, 2016


Beautiful berries turning ripe on the tree.The Mayhaw Festival will be the second weekend in May. Saturday May 7 and Sunday May 8.

The hayride will be running and all the newborn kids will be in the Petting Place. We will snuggle them up close so everyone can feed and pet them.

About the harvest… well, we just don’t know yet. All this warm weather we’ve enjoyed this winter makes a lot of folks happy, but we can’t say the same for the fruit trees. The Mayhaw trees started to sprout leaves in December. Of course, there have been a few cold spells since then and they went dormant again. Now we need to see what El Nino has done to the crop.

Mayhaw Festival Arts & Crafts

Local crafts, bakers, and candle stick makers (just kidding) folks will join us and the Country Store will be open with Mayhaw and Persimmon Jelly and Blueberry Jam.

We will also have goat meat for sale.

What a cute little peep. Our talented Charissa is busy making seasonal felted critters. This month it is bunnies, chicks and purple pigs.

The festival is Mother’s Day weekend. I’m sure there will some whimsical creatures that will be ready as a gift for Mom.  If you haven’t seen them yet go to TWO SISTERS – A New Beginning in downtown Monticello.

We’ll announce the vendors and booths as they sign up. Most of the vendors repeat each festival and we are looking forward to seeing them.