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Written by: Bobbie
February 26, 2015


Saturday May 9 and Sunday May 10

The 2015 Mayhaw FestivalBeautiful berries turning ripe on the tree.

Watch How to make Mayhaw Jelly

We will definitely be harvesting out of the water this year. I just hope some of those industrious folks that came to help last year will show up again. It was especially fun to have them and what a great help.

We’ll have to be more inventive with the hayride now that all the trees are gone and I’ve been practicing my wool handling skills. If I can swing it, there will be a wool dying and felting exhibit. There will be lots of baby lambs and goats to see and pet. Samples of Jelly and maybe goat if the fellow comes back to cook for us again. The Country Store will be open and we always invite our friends to come display and sell their honey, jewelry, jelly, vegetables, soaps and other good stuff. And baring any unexpected freezes, there will be fresh Mayhaw Berries on hand.