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Farm News

Our Fainting Goats are listed on the Goat Kids for Sale page.

What am I doing with all this time off?

Carding wool for one thing. Most of our sheep are Katahdin (hair sheep no wool). Sometimes they keep what looks like a ragged blanket on their back. It is the winter coat that for some reason they don’t shed and the shearer hates to clip off because the hair dulls the clipper blade. But that […]

It’s just a pot roast….that lamb neck

Raising our own lambs means we don’t always have all the popular cuts available. We can’t grow these little guys any faster even if we work extra on the weekend. We haven’t had any success raising the “all rib chop” lamb either. So with that in mind, I have to be sure I understand the […]

Uh oh! The berries are ripening early.

This really warm spring has created a berry monster. The berries are getting ripe. Fred is out checking and spreading tarps under the ripening trees to catch the first droppings (of  Mayhaw berries). Yesterday, Sunday, he gathered a handful.  It looks like we will have a decent crop but we are concerned about the drought […]

From Rancher to Grower

[slideshow id = 2 w=300 h=400] I’m just so proud of my garden. This is such a change from being an animal producer to being a “grower”. There isn’t a protected area around the farm that a goat, sheep or chicken and now guinea can’t reach so I’ve resorted to bringing it up onto the […]