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From Rancher to Grower

Written by: Bobbie
March 28, 2011


[slideshow id = 2 w=300 h=400] I’m just so proud of my garden. This is such a change from being an animal producer to being a “grower”. There isn’t a protected area around the farm that a goat, sheep or chicken and now guinea can’t reach so I’ve resorted to bringing it up onto the deck. You can see from the photos the plants are safe for the time being.

The tomato and broccoli plants are from Turkey Hill Farm. Louise and Herman are the organic gardening pros. My son-in-law, Greg, helped (did most of the work) transplant them with the right mixture of soil and such. They are growing beautifully.

I also sprinkled in a variety of lettuce seeds around the pots under the plants. We’re eating the lettuce sprouts as I’m thinning. My other gardening friend, Melinda Copper, keeps fussing because I don’t thin them fast enough. Now she tells me I’m not supposed to eat the root too. I’ll start using the scissors on them today.

Greg also helped me isolate and replant some mayhaw seedlings. They are sprouting new leaves. It must be working. Now I have starters of my favorite mayhaw tree. It is the scrawniest one out in the stand but it produces the biggest mayhaws of all the trees. Watch for future photos of my growing plants. We already have blossoms.