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Uh oh! The berries are ripening early.

Written by: Bobbie
April 25, 2011


This really warm spring has created a berry monster. The berries are getting ripe. Fred is out checking and spreading tarps under the ripening trees to catch the first droppings (of  Mayhaw berries). Yesterday, Sunday, he gathered a handful.  It looks like we will have a decent crop but we are concerned about the drought conditions. It makes it easier for us to gather and clean and they are not wet so they stay fresh a little longer.

Fred and I will gather the first few days but when the main crop ripens we’ll bring in a crew to help us. Watching the team wade out into three or four feet of water to gather with pool skimmers last year was fun. There are spiders, snakes and other bugs in the stand, though.  And the water is brackish-and folks wonder why we don’t offer U-Pick!

We have been able to pot some seedlings and are hoping to have them available by fall or spring of 2012.  It takes a while for them to form enough roots to be sure they will survive planting in a permanent spot.