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Farm News

Our Fainting Goats are listed on the Goat Kids for Sale page.

Guinea Keets for Sale

Baby Guineas are are available. We’re selling them for $10 each. They grow into quite useful farm yard and ranch animals; pest control, alarm systems and entertainment at the very least. Call or email to order your keets today. We only have a dozen or so. 850-997-6599 contactus@goldenacresranchflorida Their nests are not always easy to […]

This and That

Puppies and Keets Well we have both, but we’ll tell you about the puppies first. India has two girls and a boy. The girls are all white and the little boy has badger markings. We notice the markings fade out as they mature but a hint is always there. The markings do help with identification […]

Guineas and Keets

Each morning we are greeted with guineas lined up in rows on the ramp bannisters. Looks like someone called a meeting. Why do we have this unusual flock of birds? They are the ultimate tick repellent that’s why. They eat a good portion of there own body weight each day in insects. Which helps keep […]