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Farm News

Our Fainting Goats are listed on the Goat Kids for Sale page.

U-Pick Persimmons

Persimmons on a tree
UPDATE: We are SOLD OUT of Persimmons for this harvest year. Look for an even bigger crop next year.

Food at the Festival

We’re ‘cooking up’ some special food items for the Mayhaw Berry Festival this weekend. Johnston’s Meat Market BBQ Lunches Johnston’s Meat Market will be here with their awesome mobile kitchen. This is the cooking unit they take to storm areas where the emergency personnel need to be fed by the hundred’s. We’re so glad to […]

The unBerry Mayhaw Berry Harvest Festival

The Harvest For those of you who are already tracking the “Berry Barometer” on this year’s Festival Page, you know that the warm, dry winter and the late frost crashed our berry harvest. Last year, we harvested 200 gallons, this year we’ll only have 5-6. You can catch up on the videos through our YouTube […]

Persimmon Trees in the Orchard

Last fall we planted 12 Fuju Persimmon Trees, a non-astringent type, in the back easement. Then we decided to set aside five acres of a back pasture and turn it into a full orchard. This spring we planted 14 Mayhaw Trees (No they don’t have to be in water). This week 49 more Persimmon Trees […]


Our Monticello neighbor, and long-time business owner, Hal Bennett has come upon a great bargain for those of you interested in buying beef from whole steers. Hal is the owner of Johnston’s Meat Market and is running a Farm to Family promotion right now. Buy a whole, half or quarter cow and save a lot […]

Mayhaw Berry Harvest Begins!

The Mayhaw Berry Harvest has officially begun today. Fred has been out gathering some for almost a week now, but like an avalanche, the berries are ripening at an accelerated pace. We’ll all go out again later today and more often every day until the harvest is done. This is Christine writing, since Mom Bobbie […]

Pindo Palm – The Jelly Tree

What is that mess in my yard? Every August some nasty things appear on my beautiful palm. First they’re green then turn orange then drop on the lawn, draw roaches, gnats, mosquitoes and flies. I have to argue with the yard guy or gal to help clean them up and not run over the mess […]

Questions and (Few) Answers

Mayhaws and Color Does the dark red jelly taste best? We have a large number of trees with variances in color from gold to deep burgundy. Color also depends on collecting at the beginning and at the end of their season. There are more green berries (which produce a natural pectin) in the beginning, of […]

Vendors and Friends of the Mayhaw Festival

Jefferson County Extension and 4-H Biodegradable Plant Pots Youth and adults will be making biodegradable plant pots from newspaper. The Jefferson County Extension Service will also provide soil and sun seeds. Jed Dillard, Livestock and Natural Resources Agent Who is more commonly know as the Pasture Wizard will do pasture, weed and garden consultations as well […]

Goat has been processed!

The calls have been coming for a while and we finally have had enough growth to process goat. There are a variety of cuts available. We have it here in the Country Store or through Red Hills Online Market.   It is USDA inspected, vacuumed packaged and fast frozen. We also have our Mayhaw Jelly, […]