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Farm News

Our Fainting Goats are listed on the Goat Kids for Sale page.

Grooming and Dog Boarding

We have been boarding dogs, cats and other critters since 2004. Now we’ve added another feature – Full Service Dog Grooming. Certified Groomer, Kina Lundgren has joined us recently. She will groom all sizes, shapes, large and small. For information or an appointment email us at or We welcome visitors to see the […]

Just conversation!

Wow, the farm tour is over, Thanksgiving holidays have passed and things are getting back to “normal”. Whatever normal is! Every day is filled and still passes by quickly but we do have time to sneak in a nap now and then… and we have some fun company right now. Christine, our oldest daughter, is […]

It has been a Month

. . . . . since I sat down to write and so much has happened. First I had to get the laptop debugged. D#%@ those viruses. Fortunately, I caught mine early and had it tuned up in one day. We are on satellite and limited to downloading time so we are upgrading that this […]

Weather, Lambs, Kids and Other Stuff

How warm is it? You know it is too warm for January when grass is sprouting in the trailer crevices from the seeds dropped out of the last load of hay. We’re watching and worrying about all this warm winter weather. The sporadic rain has been welcome but if the temperatures continue don’t expect to […]

Pet Boarding – Dogs, Cats & Other Critters

Did you know we have a camp for pets here at the farm? We have outdoor runs for the big dogs, indoor play pens for the the little ones and cat condos for those furry felines. We’ll also watch your goldfish or parakeet if you need us. Just bring their bowl, cage and food.  There’s […]