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Newsletter Improvements

Written by: Christine
July 14, 2011


Blogging in bluejeans image ||I’ve been thinking up ways to improve the experience for you all who read about us from the newsletter, and I’ve finally come up with two important improvements.

Photo Gallery

The first, added by popular demand, is our new photo gallery page on the website. I’ve started uploading and organizing photos there for your pleasure and our family archive.  We can now set it up so that clicking on the photo in the newsletter links back to a photo album which you can view by clicking the thumbnails or by choosing a slideshow.

Mom, Dad and various brothers are getting better and better at providing us with photos. So please, if they aim a camera at you, smile and wave!

Update 18 July 2011: There are no examples of links to the photo gallery in today’s newsletter, but you will see them in future newsletters.

Making Comments on Articles

Finally, I’ve figured out how to make it so you can click on the title of the newsletter article to get to the original blog post on our website. All of these articles are originally posted from our website blog, which is a place where like-minded people can share with each other on a specific topic. Please feel free to share your comments there.

Mom and I monitor all first-time comments in order to keep spam or other undesirables off the site. We also have one of those image verification codes you have to type in, but if they are too troublesome, let me know.  We may be able to do without it.

Besides the usual small farm and ranch stuff, I would like to hear your comments about the website and any internet technology we try to use. And you’ll also see all those little buttons that let you share with your Facebook or Twitter community. The +1 link is for Google’s upcoming social media site.

We enjoy all your comments by email and Mom tells me you enjoy the newsletter. Thanks for the encouragement!