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Country Store

Lots of good things at the Country Store, and getting better all the time.

Farmers Markets

The Jefferson County Farmers Market is right here in Monticello.

Everything Goats

Tennessee Fainting Goats, Mini-Myotonics and Breeding our Commercial Herd

Prescribed Goat Grazing

The only way to really eradicate Kudzu and Blackberries is by intense grazing over two or three seasons.

Wool & Weaving

Everything Wool: shearing, cleaning, carding, weaving and warping and other things I don't know the names of yet!

Sheep and Lambs

Photos of sheep and lambs here and at our sister farms.

Everything Canine

Lots of dogs here at Golden Acres. We have the dog boarding, our house pets and the livestock guard dogs.

Mayhaw Berry Harvest Festivals

Our annual festival gets better every year.

New Leaf Farm Tours

We are proud to be one of the original participants of this popular and ever-growing farm tour.

Farming & Gardening

We \'branch\' (heh) into gardening a bit here at Golden Acres Ranch.

Chickens & Guineas

When they are not laying eggs, our chickens and Guineas provide great entertainment.


Proud to be active citizens of Monticello and Jefferson County Florida

Family Matters

Our family photos

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