Processed Goat

Goat is the most universally consumed meat. It’s just here in the United States that it is less well known. With the increase of ethnic diversity, though, it is becoming more mainstream and I have discovered that you don’t need fancy recipes to prepare it.

It’s difficult to find fresh, locally grown product. Often what you find in the stores has been shipped, at temperatures just below freezing, from places like New Zealand.

We are cultivating a commercial flock of mixed breed goats for our meat sales. It is a small flock, made up of Nubien, Boer, Kiko, Myotonic and now Spanish.

We keep the numbers of goat optimized for the amount of land we can use and our ability to make effective use of best practices for sustainable ranching. These practices include things like crop rotation, new animal quarantines, continuous hoof care and monitoring for good health.

We don’t rush the growth of our goats with hormones or grains with empty calories, and Bobbie works closely with our processor to select the best cuts from each animal. This means that our inventory varies, but it makes the quality and flavor of our meats worth the wait.

We sell our USDA-certified, naturally raised goat here at the farm and we can arrange for overnight shipping. In Tallahassee, we sell online through Red Hills Online Farmers Market

We let people know what’s available, and where, through our newsletter and blog postings. You can also Contact Us to order in advance for the most popular cuts.

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