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Where does time go?

Written by: Bobbie
February 26, 2015


Almost completeThanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Valentines Day have all come and gone so quickly. Life on the farm is really a rush and depending on your view point, it’s a lot of fun with a little hard work along the way. We’ve upholstered a chair and have been carding more wool for spinning. I’ve had knee surgery. We went to a friend’s retirement party. Now watching the fifth season of Downtown Abbey. Busy, busy, busy.

Charissa and Mimi are here for the winter. Now if you have ever felt a little down looking out the window at a gloomy winter day (yes even in Florida), I have just the cure. An almost two year old singing out “GOOD MORNING!” at the top of her lungs as she comes down the stairs each morning. She and Mom Charissa head out all bundled up to feed puppies, lambs, kids and all the adult livestock. In addition, there is bottle-feeding of a couple of lambs and four goats. Some mom’s are just not that good at this mothering thing. Charissa has even helped deliver a few this year.

We’ve been watching The Incredible Dr. Pol on The Nature Channel. Dr. Pol only gets called to the farm when something is wrong. That means it is usually a breach birth of cattle. He uses chains and jacks to pull the calf out. All very gory and tough to watch for most folks. Charissa and I find it fascinating. Which goes to show there is no accounting for some people’s taste. Since Dr. Pol is always delivering back side first, Charissa was surprised that all the Ewes and Does here deliver head first.

We watched one of our pet girls, Glory, deliver her first kid last week. Most of the time they deliver at night so this was a treat for us. Just picture it, two adult women sitting in the Gator (ATV) about 75 yards away doing labor grunting trying to help  her. Somewhat weird – ya  think?

Made by Mom CharissaOh yeah, here’s the cute picnic table that Charissa cut out and put together for Mimi. And that’s Mimi’s used car parked beside her. Every time she gets into the truck or car she asks “Can I drive?” The answer the same each time, “Well, not yet darling, not yet.” But she keeps asking and we all know that time will come too soon.