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Where do we start……

Written by: Bobbie
October 24, 2011


So many things have happened in the last two weeks that this may be just one long rambling blog.

Lake Ella Growers Market

First, yes we will be at Lake Ella Growers Market this coming Wednesday, October 26 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Lamb, goat, jelly, jams and honey. Stop by for samples.

New Leaf Farm Tour

Honey, Gloves and a Full Haywagon  |  Now the New Leaf Market Farm Tour was a great success again this year. We have so much happening with hayrides, petting zoo, vendors and cooking demos. The kids run, romp, swing and get a little dirty. Where else is it safe to have that much fun? Saturday was really busy. The hayride went from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm without stopping. Sunday was much quieter. Many folks thought we were only open one day this year. However, we had a pleasant visit with all who came. Our wool spinner came for a few hours on Sunday. I’m amazed at how interested folks were in this procedure. All in all, it was a perfect day for those that came and us.

We have a lot of photos this year! Click on the image above to go to the Gallery. And you can see even more, especially those cute kids (the human kind :-)) at Melinda’s Gallery.


Sheila all stitched up by Dr. DavisSheila, our 4-month-old bottle-fed lamb, was attacked by a large feline on Tuesday, October 11. Another little older lamb disappeared. I had 5 weanling ewe lambs and Sheila in a back pasture. It rained all day on Monday and we didn’t get out to check them so we went first thing on Tuesday morning. Siggy our guardian dog must have chased away whatever was attacking Sheila and she came running up to us. I quickly counted the others and knew one was gone.

We searched the entire pasture by foot and vehicle and found no sign of her. Sheila’s wound was serious and we got her to our veterinarian for surgery. Dr. Davis and his staff did a marvelous job of putting her back together. By Friday she was up and active. Our grandchildren Hanna and Colter, along with neighbor friend Carly, staffed the lamb and little goat area during the weekend tour. Sheila was right there to get all the sympathy available. Lots of “Oh, poor baby.”  She loved the attention. We also had  couple of 4-day old kids (baby goats) that momma couldn’t feed so they were being bottle fed. The tiniest one is blind.  Of course, she will end up being one of our needy forever pets.

Meat Sheep Alliance of Florida

Yesterday, Saturday, October 22, I spent the day in Ocala at a Meat Sheep Alliance of Florida conference. The next meeting (Spring Festival) will be at our place in April of 2012. We may open part of the conference to the public. At one time in our history, the sheep industry was larger than our cattle industry. When the west opened with free land, most of the sheep flocks moved from Florida. We are trying to provide education to everyone about the viability of the sheep and goat industry here in Florida.

Carding Wool

Wool Spinning by Alice CappaI did get all my wool carded once. However, it needs more work and I don’t know how to spin it. I’m sending it off to a mill and they will finish the job and send me 12 skeins of yarn. Henry (the ram) is pure white and the yarn will be left natural this time. Fred and I are picking up a new wool lamb today. He/she is part Shetland and I understand the fiber is quite nice. It will be really wooly for Elmer to shear next spring.  It’s amazing how pleasant it is to work with the wool process. Now I’ll have to get one of my talented friends or relatives to make something for me.

Holiday Rush

Friday, Fred and I tagged and weighed 15 goats and then Saturday Chuck and Fred weighed all the ram lambs. We’re getting ready for the holiday rush. Today we are putting up the temporary fence and putting some of the Golden Girls back to work cleaning up some of our property. Beside helping with the fencing, Fred goes to the dentist, delivers feed, and then we are picking up about 500 pound of barley grain from a local brewer late in the afternoon. It will be used for feed and/or compost. Are we having fun, or what?