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What’s going on around the farm

Written by: Bobbie
December 13, 2011


Christmas Tree Icon   |    So much is going on around the farm, it’s hard to figure out where to start. Of course, we are getting ready for the coming holidays.  We have a “fake” tree up but it is pretty and some other decorations here and there. I enjoy the festivities so I always want something out even though we aren’t as elaborate as in years gone by when all the children were around.

What helps me get in the mood here on the farm is that the Camellia Garden Circle has their Christmas party here every year. It is a small social network of like-minded women that don’t mind grubbing around in the dirt. We share pros and cons of growing our favorite flowers and vegetables. We take trips to view other gardens, and we will even have a working session in January about How to Build a Backyard Greenhouse for Under $100.  It will be on January 21 here are the farm and the public will be invited. Phil, our son from Texas, doesn’t know it yet, but I think he will be here then and can help us put it together.

Winter Newborns

Red Ornament Icon      |         Sheep and goats are supposed to be producing babies this month. Actually, I’ve been looking for them since November 15 but so far no new ones. They are showing signs of producing milk and some look like they’re carrying basketballs on each side. I did adopt another orphaned goat from a friend. The momma just couldn’t make it and I was called to see if I wanted to fool with him. Well, yes! So the little guy is bottle feeding well and is hanging with Stevie, the little blind girl, and her brother Wonder. They make up quite a group and it is a struggle to keep them out from under my feet. They will most likely be the ones that go to another family for their weekend Christmas gathering. A short reprieve from the bottle feeding for me but great entertainment for their grandchildren.

Bats and Basketballs

Christmas Wreath Icon                   Fred got a basketball backboard put up this Thanksgiving and he is practicing his free throw shots on a regular basis. He thinks he needs to coach some of his favorite teams and needs to practice himself first. Right now he just yells at them from his favorite chair. He will have some eye surgery in January to repair a cataract lens that came loose. He has to refrain from heavy physical work for a short while. Chuck is helping out with that.

Remember our discussion about bats last winter? Well I think Fred has succeeded in keeping them out. We see them flying around at night but so far none in the house. That was a real undertaking with a 50 foot “Cherry Picker”, insulation, and screening on two levels of the log house. Hopefully, the bats have found another motel for their annual winter visit.

Christmas Finery

Snowy Cottage Icon                  This last Saturday we went to a lovely party at a friend’s home. They operate a bed and breakfast here in Monticello in one of the historic houses. It was all so beautifully decorated and festive.  We saw many friends and certainly enjoyed some wonderful eats. Fred and I dressed up in our Christmas finery. It is so much fun to see and hear the reaction from people who are used to seeing us on the farm and in farm duds. Many folks don’t even recognize us.

This coming weekend we will attend the CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR MUSICAL REVIEW at the Monticello Opera House. I just love these shows. We’ll have dinner there at the Opera House and then watch the show. It will be past our bedtime when it over and we always appreciate the short drive home. And… we get to dress up again. This is a local company and they match the professionalism of productions seen in much larger venues. The food is a pleasure also.

So to all that I may not see during the next few weeks, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from both Fred and Bobbie and all the critters of Golden Acres Ranch.