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Well it seemed like it was going to be a quiet week……

Written by: Bobbie
August 8, 2011


……however, folks came to check out the “Country Store”. They were interested in goat and lamb but also wanted to tour the farm. We do that whenever folks ask and if we have the time. One of the young women was interested in seeing the chickens and I directed her toward the coop where a momma hen and her chicks were confined. She came quickly back to tell me there was a “big” snake in the coop with the momma and five chicks. Uh oh!

There were six chicks. Well after some fluttering around on my part, I went in and woke Fred from his afternoon siesta. Then I tracked down my gloves, the grabber and a bag. By the time I got there Fred was in the coop and had the snake out of the corner. This one wasn’t as big as the first snake. It very likely was slender enough to actually crawl through the chicken wire but once it consumed a chick it was too big to get back out. Not uncommon I’m told.

Now Fred didn’t stop to put on his gloves but he did have the snake with the grabber. It was desperate to get away and with six folks watching all this unfold we weren’t about to let that happen. I did get right behind the head this time – just like on TV.

Still cannot bring myself to kill them. They are part of the whole food chain thing and invaluable at keeping the rodent population in control. They just think we’ve opened a chicken buffet for them. This little guy with a full gut is now out on another part of the property and a long way from the coop and the house. For those of you concerned about visiting, remember once the ground temperature is under 70 degrees, they all go into hibernation.