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Watching for the Ripe Berries

Written by: Bobbie
May 5, 2014


We've been watching for these everyday. Fred is climbing into his waders everyday and heading out to the pond looking for ripe berries. The rain filled – I mean really filled – the pond this year which should make the trees happy and now that the sun is shinning we hope to see red berries floating on the water.

Well guess what? You probably can’t see them in the background of this photo but Fred is on his way out to gather the first gallon of the 2014 harvest!¬†We have seen plenty of green berries on the trees and we are expecting a plentiful crop. But you know this farming thing, it is so unpredictable and we are never confident until we see the berries being gathered.

Yup, this is one last reminder about the upcoming Mayhaw Berry Festival. Please send the link on to anyone you know that might want to share the experience.

What to expect

Goats, lambs, puppies, chicks, guineas, hayrides, hammers, jewelry, jelly, honey, swing, soap, blacksmith, wool spinning, snow cones, chili, pulled pork, mayhaw cupcakes, local veggies, green pastures, blue skies, a walk on a country lane. See you this coming weekend!