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Volunteer Training on the Farm/Ranch

Written by: Bobbie
September 8, 2013

She is drying up now. It will be a while until we have milkers again.

Hanna and Ell milking our spoiled Nubian Lacey.

I get many request from folks wanting farm or ranch experience. There are several farms around Jefferson County area that have Woofers. Some farm friends have local folks that just come a particular day for a few hours because they like to play in the dirt. Other volunteers want experience in particular methods. It could be a social day out and an opportunity to make new like-minded friends. Whatever, you motivation – we can use the help on specific projects.

Keep in mind, we deal with animals mainly. There will be some grafting of Mayhaw branches, making some Mayhaw Jelly as well as dealing with chickens, guineas, sheep and goats. We trim hooves, check eyes for parasites, give vitamins and electrolytes. Maybe clean water troughs, clean up hay in the little barn, move goat or sheep to a better grazing area and move portable shelters, brush very hairy dogs and such things. You will get dirty and need to wear shoes suitable to farm work. Outside work starts around 9:00 AM on an average day.

I’ll have coffee, tea and water on hand and prepare a farm lunch. Vegetarians need give me a hint of what they want available.

My questions are – What day works for you? Once a week or month? Every other week? What interest you the most? Email me your druthers. It is We’d love to have you.