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The Well is Working Again

Written by: Bobbie
May 31, 2012


The Well |They came on Memorial Day and dodged the rain and lightening. They gave us options.

Plan A was to drill through the same hole and open up the blockage. Plan B was to drill a complete new well. We went for Plan A. The down side is we don’t know if the powdery lime rock could appear again soon or never. On to Plan B if it does repeat. It’s all a gamble. There is nothing to guarantee that it won’t happen even on a new well except there would be more casing placed further into the ground past the powdered lime. ¬†We are just grateful that we now have cold clear water from our own source.

Ran into a friend in town earlier this week. Same thing just happened to his brother’s well a few miles on the other side of the county. Lime powder started running through his system. Let’s just hope Beryl put enough into the aquifer to help alleviate some of this. We didn’t get much, less that 2″, but every bit helps.