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Thanksgiving Week – What Is Happening!

Written by: Bobbie
November 20, 2011


Cats and Harvest in a Barn  |  Farmers Market at Innovation Park in Tallahassee

Monday, November 21, 4:00 PM until dark

I’m bringing mostly Cranberry Sauce, Mayhaw Jelly and Blueberry Jam. Becky will come along with her happy bee honey. Innovation Park is located at 2031 East Paul Dirac Drive in Tallahassee. The Farmers Market is right in front of the Shaw Building.

Main Street Monticello

Monday noon to 2:00 PM

I’ll be helping Main Street Monticello do some decorating around the Jefferson County Courthouse. Someone is bringing the Christmas Trees, the Candy Canes and lot of lights. So watch for us and say “Hi!” as you drive the round-about. We’re getting things ready for the festivities of Around the Downtown Christmas in Monticello. Friday, December 2.

Goats Have Arrived

And was that fun. Fred, our son from Texas, Phil, and I went to Madison Saturday to pick up nine goats to have here for anyone wanting one for the holidays. Well we came back with eight. The other is tagged and weighed but didn’t want to come along. He jumped out the the weighing crate and over our shoulders and he hightailed it for the back pasture. Someone told him to watch out for us and that freezer camp thing. No amount of coaxing or tempting with food could get him back within our grasp. However, we do have the eight that arrived safely and they are a good weight. They’ve been browsing in a natural environment since they were born. Come out an pick the one you want and we can get it to Johnston’s for you.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

We’ll be back to Lake Ella on November 30 and posting on the Red Hills Online Market.