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Taking time off during the hot weather and other stuff…

Written by: Bobbie
June 27, 2011


sunburstSummer Schedule

I’m taking a break from markets until cooler weather in September. It is always a worry about temperature and our meat product even though we use heavy duty coolers. The freezers have been taken off the truck for the time being. They were needed to keep all the Mayhaw berries frozen. Also, we will¬† be doing limited processing of lamb and goat during July. The dry weather has taken its toll on the pastures and the livestock needs more time to grow.

Summer Siestas

This is our busy time for the pet boarding business and it take a lot of our attention. We watch closely for storms so we can get the big dogs inside away from lightening and thunder. There is the heat to contend with too. Most everyone goes in for an afternoon siesta including us. The cats and little dogs are already inside. Of course, the farm animals are smart and find shade and shelter to keep them cool. It is a quiet place here from 1 to 5 on these horribly hot days of summer.

Reaching us by phone

Just some side stuff – while proofing the above, Fred said that we should add “Please no phone calls” and quickly said “Just joking”¬† which I can tell you he is not. Just about the time he gets to sleep in the executive chair at his desk, the phone rings. Many times it is a robo call or something similar. However, hearing from you is important so send an email if you can. We check for emails throughout the day. The phone message says something about us being outside working with the animals and we most likely are doing just that if we are not napping. And our cell phones, what a joke they are. Fred’s phone often doesn’t ring when a call comes in but it will ring to alert to a message. My phone rings but I often can’t hear it because exterior noises and it doesn’t alert me to voice mail. About a week after a call, it will do the “voice mail” ring and I’ll have 4 or 5 messages waiting from previous days. Ah, the technical age can be such a joy.