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Farm News

Our Fainting Goats are listed on the Goat Kids for Sale page.

Goat has been processed!

The calls have been coming for a while and we finally have had enough growth to process goat. There are a variety of cuts available. We have it here in the Country Store or through Red Hills Online Market.   It is USDA inspected, vacuumed packaged and fast frozen. We also have our Mayhaw Jelly, […]

Lamb Chops, Roasts, Sausage and More

This Lamb Chart is in French but I’m sure you recognize the cuts. Hanna went to a paper mill while in France with her club from school and brought it to me as a present. We do now have Merguez (lamb Sausage with no fillers and in lamb casing), Stew meat both boneless and bone-in […]

Markets, the Country Store and General Stuff

I mentioned previously about the Red Hills Online Market and we are listing weekly. Folks are buying product through there and it is growing all the time. Three or four of my hardworking farm friends put this together and are devoted to making it succeed. Now these are women that work or manage active farms, […]

Lamb and Goat through the Red Hills Online Market

It is still too hot for us to come to local markets. We will be back in September. Those of you in Tallahassee may want to check out the Red Hills Online Market.  You can purchase a variety of local products through this outlet. We are listing goat leg roasts, chops, shanks, and ground. There […]

Florida Small Farm Conference

This is my third year at the Florida Small Farms Conference, and as usual I’ve come back with a wealth of information and new friends. This conference has it all. Beginning farmers and experienced, growers and ranchers, marketing and accounting, food safety and regulations, farm tours, vendors and livestock exhibits, lobbying and legal tools. It […]

We’re on Facebook

We’re now on Facebook as Golden Acres Ranch Florida. It’s a good place for us to make short updates and follow those of you who have a presence there as well. You should see one of our Facebook albums in the post on Carding Wool. I’ve set it up now so that you can share […]

Lots of local vendors this year!

SATURDAY, MAY 14th from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM SUNDAY, MAY 15th from Noon to 4:00 PM Every year we ask our friends, all local farmers, ranchers, and artisans, to to join us with their products to show the community what is available. These folks are all volunteering their time and energy to make the […]

Red Hills Online Market

ORDER FOOD WEEKLY: This new market has just begun to reach out to the population in this area. We can’t always get to the physical markets even though we want to support them wholeheartedly. This is another way to make our product available to our customers. I’m just learning how to make the best of […]