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Sibling Float

Written by: Christine
April 23, 2011


By popular demand, I am posting some photos from our recent sibling reunion on the new website here.

Family reunionMost of the time, when someone refers to “kids” here on the ranch, they are speaking of goats. In this case, however, we referring to a bunch of middle-aged people who hsare a common heritage. We all got together last March for Ken’s 50th birthday. Here we all are getting ready to take a kayak trip along the Aucilla River.

Marcia and Ken arranged the trip; they really know how to make it simple and safe. Jim and I took photos, a few of which can be seen here. The weather was beautiful and the water level allowed for just the right combination of leisurely cruising and occasional, exciting (but not too exciting!) rapids.

I wonder what the next 30 years will bring?  [slideshow id=4]