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Recovering from last week

Written by: Bobbie
December 6, 2011


No, you’re not imagining things. This newsletter looks a lot like last week’s and that’s because it’s an update of each of those things. Enjoy!

Cranberry Sauce Label    |

Lake Ella Growers Market

Wednesday, December 7
3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

I’ll be at Lake Ella Growers Market this week with lots of Cranberry Sauce, Blueberry Jam, Mayhaw Jelly and a sample of Lamb Sausage.  Full Moon Apiary will be along this week with honey, candles and balm.

Around the Downtown Christmas

Christmas-Flyer-2011 |Santa did come to town last Friday and it was a successful event.  We sold lots of jelly and jam. In addition, we saw many of our friends. It is so much fun in a small community. No matter where you go there are wonderful folks to converse with and share the holiday joy. Mark your calender for next year.  Main Street Monticello Around the Downtown Christmas does this event every December.

The Camellia Garden Circle was next to us with the Atlas 370 Gloves and successfully sold a fair number of them. Several of the members staffed the booth and did an outstanding job with the sales. This is a fundraiser for the Jefferson County 4-H. I also went on the O’Toole’s Herb Farm December Open House and sold more. So in all it was a tiring but successful weekend for everyone.

Friday and Saturday night Sheila, our tame little lamb, and a not-so-tame, companion lamb were featured in the 13th Annual Bethlehem in Monticello event produced by the Methodist Church here in town. It is a walk through historic times depicting the birth place of Jesus. Over 60 dedicated people are involved with the production. There were also live camels from one of your local farms. It is a great draw to our community each year.

Goats |Fresh Goat for Your Freezer

There are still goats available for you to choose from for your family freezer. We’ll take your choice over to Johnston’s Meat Market, help you figure out the best cuts for your family, and supervise the process. Contact us for more information and come on out.

If you’ve never cooked goat before, we have some good, simple recipes on our Cooking and Recipe’s page. If you have a favorite recipe, please post it there for us.

We will be taking goat and lamb to be processed next week. Fresh, frozen individual cuts of USDA-certified lamb and goat will be  ready the week after. Plan to come to Lake Ella Market, Wednesday, December 21, to pick some up.

Serenity Acres Farm

Serenity Acres Farm Goat Image  |   Notice that we’ve added a new friend to our list of Friends and Associates. Serenity Acres Farm is a 60-acre family farm trying to reduce their footprint on the earth, eliminate their dependence on processed foods, educate their friends and customers to do the same, and learn how to have sustainable farming pay for itself.

They have a dairy goat herd for milk, cheese, yogurt and soap, pastured chickens for eggs and meat, and Black Angus cattle for breeding and meat. They also have horses, fruit trees, pastures and an organic vegetable garden for their own consumption. They are certified as  “Animal Welfare Approved” and therefore do not use hormones or chemicals. They only use antibiotics for treatment, and all their animals are on pasture.

They also offer internships for positive and energetic people eager to learn every aspect of running a family farm. Sign up for their newsletter and look for them at Lake Ella. They also have a Facebook Page.