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Rain Wonderful Rain and How It Affects the Ranch

Written by: Bobbie
September 6, 2011


Graphic of tropical storm Lee  |  Thank you tropical storm Lee. We all appreciate the 1″ of rain on Sunday and more again this Labor Day. A welcome respite from the drought covering this area of the south.

It is messy for the boarding dogs and they are spending more time than usual inside. They get taken out for a quick run and in they go as the rain storms by again. The guardian dogs out in the pastures don’t seem to mind but they sure get dirty. It shakes off quickly though as they dry out.

Our goats have spent most of the last two days running into their shelters. The sheep just hang out and let it drip off their backs and noses. We’re expecting lambs any day and these are prime conditions as long as it isn’t freezing. They like to hold on until the weather is nastiest so I can worry myself sick about it. I know it is a plot to give me more grey hair.

The keets (you remember, baby guineas) all are roosting on the highest rung in the coop. The chickens (only one egg a day right now) and guineas don’t seem to mind the rain at all. Another snake got in and now there are only 15 keets. No a snake did not come back. This one was smaller than the others.

Tony checked the bee hives earlier this week and he said they were mad. There were too many beetles and they don’t like rain and overcast sky. He is looking for another queen. Who’d thought bees were so temperamental. Thankfully Tony knows everything and keeps things going for me.

It looks like the storms will be gone from our area tomorrow. With all this indoor time, I did get a Mayhaw cake baked. Fred keeps hinting for brownies but that’s not happened yet.