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Prescribed Goat Grazing

Written by: Bobbie
September 6, 2011


Fred clipping Kudzu vinesI just can’t tell you how much fun it is to watch those goats in a kudzu patch. These twenty spoiled girls just munch away all day long. Lucky for them there is a variety with mimosa and blackberry brush.

The section they are working right now is bordering a neighbors yard and garden. We placed the fence in their yard and came down a hill adjacent to the first patch cleared. This was done on Friday.

There is a photo here of Fred clipping away some stems on Sunday. The kudzu in the background is what the area looked like before the goat girls arrived. Click the image to see more photos.

We are trying to hit the whole five acres at least once before the first freeze. If the goats get it eaten down, it stresses the root system and grazing again next year could kill it off.

Watch for the announcement about our new business adventure, “Prescribed Goat Grazing.” Now is the time to plan for 2012 kudzu removal.