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Pindo Palm Jelly

Written by: Bobbie
September 13, 2011


Photo of Pindo palm fruits  |  Last Saturday was a pleasant fall day here in Monticello. Becky Hogg of Full Moon Apiary, and I went to Jefferson Farmers Market and gave out samples. Ed Strickland, the owner, carries Becky’s Honey and a variety of Golden Acres Jelly. I wanted to test a couple of new jellies added to our line. To my surprise, the newest, least known and most popular was the jelly made from the Pindo Palm Tree -Butia capitata. The Pindo Palm is also known as Jelly Palm, Date Palm and Wine Palm.

Now here in Jefferson County this tree is often described as “You mean that messy tree with the yellow things that drop in my yard and rot?”  Yup, that’s the one. I guess you didn’t know the fruit is actually useable?  Well it does make a tasty jelly with a tropical flavor. I’ve seen it described as mango flavored with a touch of coconut. I enjoy it on my toast. It competes with my favorite from our crop – Mayhaw Jelly.

Photo of Pindo Palm Tree  |  We don’t have a Pindo Palm in our yard but my friend Jane Davis introduced me to this treat several years ago. She figured it was a shame to waste the fruit and with some investigation on her part found a recipe. We both made a few jars for our own enjoyment. This year I decided to give it a test with the public. I don’t know what is the most fun – watching folks try it and seeing their reaction – “Wow, that is really good!” or hearing them exclaim “You can have the fruit from my tree.”  I’m sure next season, I’ll have plenty of fruit to make Pindo Palm Jelly.