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Pindo Palm Jelly and Mayhaw Cake

Written by: Bobbie
August 2, 2012


Looking for ripe fruit

Last year we did a test making jelly using the Date Palm or Pindo Palm which grows in our area. Mayhaw Bundt CakeMost people like the tree but don’t like the mess on their lawn when the fruit drops. We gathered what was available from a friend and made jelly from it and then gave out taste samples. The product sold quickly and now we are ready to make up jelly again by popular request.

Snafu – we can’t find the fruit this year – well, we did find some but here’s the irony. We made arrangements to harvest about six trees located in a common area here in Monticello this last Tuesday. Someone came through Monday evening or early Tuesday morning and took all the fruit from the trees. Now we’re scrambling. Do you have a tree with unripe fruit right now? Contact me and I’ll happily come and remove the fruit.

About our Mayhaw Cake

Many of you already know about our Mayhaw orchard, the berries and the jelly we make, but we also produce a cake. There’s a recipe readily available on the the internet and I use it with a little variation (it’s my secret) and the cake does require Mayhaw juice (we have a monopoly). Nice moist cake with a unique flavor. I find it so rich that I don’t put the glaze on the cake that’s included in the recipe.

We use the Red Hills Online Market to list most of our naturally raised or produced products. While very tasty, the Mayhaw Cake doesn’t meet the all natural and organic criteria of this growers market.

So with that said, you can order direct from me. This is made in a Bundt pan which is a nice presentation for a special occasion. We can also make a sheet cake or as a loaf cake. It will also be available for sampling at the New Leaf Market Farm tour this coming October.