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Picking Persimmons

Written by: Christine
November 15, 2012


Picking Persimmons  |  One of my favorite parts of the Farm to Table Dinner was when Rissa and I went out to pick persimmons.

Persimmons have a very short harvest window and the orchard was packed! There were hundreds of people there, most of them Chinese. Apparently, persimmons are a great delicacy for them. Sometimes we would see someone opening one and slurping the juicy fruit down right there on the spot. We asked the owner if she would be open again over the next few days, but she said no, they would be out of fruit that very day.

We were harvesting for the Persimmon Bread that Tupelo’s was making for the Dinner. It was a great hit. Many people had never had anything like it and were trying to guess what it was. We only had two loaves left. We sent one home with Fran and Phil and we’ll open the last one for Thanksgiving.

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