Dog Grooming by Kina

He is happy nowCertified dog groomer, Kina Lundgren, provides grooming services for dogs of all sizes, shapes and breeds. And she has agreed to offer some of her hours here at Golden Acres Ranch!

Kina is a friend and fellow rancher from Triple F Farm. We are so pleased to be able to provide this service to our customers.

850-997-4219 or 239-789-5914 or kinaflorida@hotmail.com

How it Works

Contact Kina to arrange a day that you can drop your dog off here at Golden Acres Ranch (preferably between 7:30 and 9:00 AM, but we are flexible).

Generally, Kina’s appointments here are on Wednesday’s. Some Thursday and Saturday appointments are available.

Your dog will stay in a quiet place, either in an indoor, air-conditioned run or a crate until Kina has finished and it’s convenient for you to pick him or her up that same day.

A Full Groom includes bath, brush out, clean ears, nail trim, shave pads, sanitary tummy and rear end clip and body hair cut according to your instructions. You can also get a bath and nail trim only. Prices are by weight and are listed below.

Kina also offers a Sanitary Cut, which is the same as the Full Groom EXCEPT for the body haircut. Prices start at $ 22.

Full GroomWeight RangeStarting Price
Small/Medium DogsUp to 45-50 lbs.$ 31
Large Dogs50+ lbs$ 55
Bath & Nail Trim OnlySize RangesPrice
Small Dogsup to 20 lbs.$ 18
Medium Dogs21 - 40 lbs.$ 20
Larger Dogs41 - 60 lbs.$ 22
Large Dogs61+ lbs$ 24

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