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Pet Boarding and The Country Store

Written by: Bobbie
January 30, 2013


Changes and more…….

What a surprise, we’re making some changes and additions.

I'm YodaWe’ve been pet boarding for several years and love it. It all started with the suggestion from a good friend. It has been happening for nine years now. We decided we need to be a little more sophisticated (like the dogs care) and have retrofitted a space for indoor/outdoor kennels. We have nice size play-yards with shelter and shade already. The dogs really get to enjoy that farm experience. They can see the goats, sheep, chickens and us throughout the day. Then we walked them to a separate building to bed down for the night in comfort. We also moved the dogs inside when it was too hot, cold or stormy. Now they have a spot close by with all the amenities a dog desires. They can come in and out at will with their automatic watering bowls and a comfy bed.

Goldfish, parakeets, and the pet mouse. We’ll take cats and other little critters too. Cats don’t like the barking dogs so there is  separate space for them. Bring the cage and food for the pet mouse or parakeet and we’ll keep them safe and happy for you. You can click here to find out about costs and shot requirements.

The Country Store

With these changes to the pet boarding area, I now have room to develop a specialty County Store. We been licensed to use a space in a separate building we all call “The Bunkhouse” which will now be renamed. That’s were we’be been selling the lamb and goat cuts, when we have them, and our Jelly Logo Labeljellies and jams. Now we’re are going to use the whole building. We will have lots of country type decor and fun items to browse. Handmade things and little goodies to eat.  We are planning some workshops and demonstration that include wool washing and carding, jelly making, wood carving and how to make a fabric wreath or Raggedy Ann doll. This will be a place where you can bring the family and let them play safely while you enjoy an activity yourself.

We hope to be up and running in March with our first “Breakfast at the Farm” or some such thing. Expect further announcements as soon as the details are worked out.