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People Say the Most Wonderful Things

Written by: Christine
May 8, 2012


We continuously hear the best compliments about our ranch and products. Most recently, they have been coming from our Harvest Hosts guests. Listen to what Claudia and Stoney S. told us – and showed us! – recently.

“Just wanted to tell you that we really enjoyed the beauty of your property and meeting and watching your animals. ┬áThank you for letting us spend a night there. ┬áHope all goes well with the festival this weekend.

“I think the attached pics capture the feeling we experienced on your ranch. Good memories!”

So, I was inspired to start sharing these wonderful comments on a new Testimonials & Reviews page here on the website. Stoney and Claudia are the only one’s there now, but you can add your testimonial.

Look for the button to submit your own review next time you’re on the website, or send us your testimonials by email and let us know it’s okay to post.