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Our New Sire

Written by: Christine
March 20, 2011


[slideshow id = 1] Walker is our new, aspiring Tennessee Fainting Goat sire. He is one of a set of triplets that a friend of the ranch gave us. Sometimes the mother doesn’t take care of one of a set of triplets, but one of the characteristics of domestic livestock animals is that they can thrive even without their parent. And Walker is thriving and happy!

He is just a week and two days old in these photos and he arrived at Golden Acres just in time for our family reunion. Everyone got the chance to hold and feed him, and he wore himself out following us around. He is so socialized now, we’re not sure he’s going to remember he’s a goat!

He will join Bobbie frequently at Farmers Markets so you can have a chance to hold him, too.