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Oh this technical stuff will jump up and bite you.

Written by: Bobbie
June 20, 2011


bluejeans blog imageI’m just learning about all this “Blog” stuff and now working on “Facebook” and is it a trip for me. Remember, I’m of the generation that thought it was a big deal to not have a party line on the phone.  So occasionally illustrations or photos don’t pop up that should, slide shows do funny things and the spell check doesn’t catch when I mistype a letter in a word that is spelled correctly but doesn’t make sense in the sentence.

But speaking of spell check, oh do I love that… and I am actually learning to be a better speller. The little red line intimidates me and makes me stop and think “Okay are there two S’s and one C or is it the other way around?” Then I can add my odd word or names to the dictionary if I want.

The other thing I like is searching. In just seconds I’ve learned how many grams are in an ounce, what a goat’s normal temperature is, how to make a dog barf if it ate something it shouldn’t and much more. I type questions everyday so while the technical stuff can be embarrassing the benefits far outweigh the blips.

Note from Christine: Actually, I’m learning, too, and because Mom is a very forgiving ‘client,’ and because sometimes we’re a little rushed, I try some things that I might otherwise test more thoroughly first. I hope you all will forgive the discomfort of odd results. Thanks for your patience and attention to our newsletter!