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No Market This Week

Written by: Bobbie
August 22, 2011


Well we had a little spell of cooler weather last week so I gave the market a try. Now we’re back to the high 90’s and afternoon rains. I love the rain but not the heat so I’m back to my original projection of mid-September for coming back to market. You are welcome to come out here for product or check out the Red Hills Online Market.

What do we do when I’m not at market?

Fred and I did enjoy those cooler morningsĀ  and we had our coffee outside again for a few days. We watch our two delinquent Great Pyrenees girls play in yard for awhile. These are the momma and daughter that don’t like to stay out in a pasture. They prefer to be around us and the house so I’m training them (ha) to stay close by and help keep the chickens and guineas safe. We have four that are out with goats or sheep and they are great. Now these two??????

I’m making blueberry jam and some grape jelly to add to the inventory along with the mayhaw jelly, Fred and Chuck are keeping up with the tractor work. We are also waiting for our Louisiana girls to have kids. They are not actually due until the middle of September but we keep a close eye out for early arrivals. The Louisiana girls are Tennessee Fainting goats that we inherited from a friend. I promised they would always have a home here at the ranch. Fred calls them our “forever” girls. We have plenty to enjoy or chores to do and like staying close to home.