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New outlets for Mayhaw Jelly

Written by: Bobbie
June 13, 2011


Mayhaw Berry JellyJefferson Farmers Market owned by Ed and Tammy Strickland are now carrying our Mayhaw Jelly at their stand. They sell fruit, vegetables, pecans, eggs, honey, and now our jelly. This is just a small sampling of what they have so stop by their place at 690 East Washington Street, Highway 90, Monticello, Florida. They don’t have a website but someone has started a Facebook page for them, with a map. I’ll get a photo the next time I go in so you can see what all they have available. They are also part of the Florida Department of Agriculture Fresh from Florida program.

Full Moon Apiary in Tupelo’s has a full selection of the Mayhaw Jelly and the newly opened restaurant in Monticello, The Rosemary Tree, has a small sampling available. Go in and ask for it, or mention it on their Facebook page, so they will consider carrying a bigger selection.

It is so nice to have more and more quality places in town to visit and eat lunch.