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New Goat Kids at Golden Acres Ranch

Written by: Bobbie
October 10, 2011


Photo of chicken supervising newborn goat kid  |  We posted some photos of a little goat girl being born, being cleaned and being coaxed to stand up and find the milk supply. This was late in the afternoon and I couldn’t get too close. In this photo a hen came by to see what was going on. You can tell how little the baby is compared to the chicken. Click on the photo to open the gallery pictures.

She was born October 2, and is up running all over the pasture now with twins born on October 1. Hopefully several more will have been born by the Farm Tour this weekend.

The mom is one of the Louisiana Myotonic’s that came from a dear friend who lost her battle with cancer this year. We brought 17 girls here to live at Golden Acres Ranch for the rest of their lives. Since they are such healthy and happy girls we wanted to have offspring. The sire is Jeremiah, a Spanish buck. We think the combination will give us quality breeding stock for our commercial herd. Parasite resistant and very hardy.