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Music & Storytelling Around the Campfire

Written by: Bobbie
October 16, 2012


Jim and Guitar  |   After dinner on Sunday night, after Stephen Monroe has finished his show and ridden off into the sunset, we are inviting all musicians, would-be musicians and people who enjoy musicians to stay and join us in conversation and singing around the bonfire.

Remember it will be dark by then so you don’t have to be bashful. Bring your favorite instrument and help us strike up a tune. We’re talkin’ blues, early acoustic rock, folk and old country. Does anyone play the flute? We’ve heard that the guitar and flute make a beautiful sound.

Our friend and local artist, Bob Copper will be here playing some blues and rock. And he is bringing his friend Caleb who ‘has a big bag of songs.’

Our son Jim Foster is coming from Alaska and bringing his guitar. He loves those Bob Dylan tunes. And he will certainly have some Alaskan bear or whale stories. He’s the one who wrote the story about his first time at an Alaskan oil rig in our Family Stories section. Our grandson Wes will be here for the first time. He’s on leave from Japan. He’s not a big talker, but will answer questions.

Of course, you can just sit by the fire and enjoy the music and conversation. It will be a great finish to a great wekend event.