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Jefferson Farmers Market on East Washington Street

Written by: Bobbie
July 11, 2011


Photo of Jefferson County Farmers Market  Sometime when you are coming out US 90 (Washington Street)  into Monticello follow along just a few blocks further east to our very own local farmers market.

Ed Strickland buys from local farmers whenever he can. He is now carrying Golden Acres Ranch Mayhaw Jelly, Mayhaw Pepper Jelly and maybe I’ll ask him to give the Blueberry Jam a try.

This market has a lot to offer. Make it easy on yourself and check out the freezer for the ready to cook Okra, Corn, Beans and many other items too numerous to name. Then there are the ready-to-bake Biscuits. Yummy!

And do you have Pecans you would like cracked and shaken. Well, Ed can do that for you. So come visit the Jefferson County Farmers Market while you are in town.