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Monday at B O’Toole’s Herb Farm

Written by: Bobbie
June 13, 2011


B O'Tooles porchAs I told you last week, I was going to B’s to check on the ewe flock. Wow, do some of those girls have udders. Which tells me little lambs will be here soon.  Hagrid (the mean ram) went courting mid-January so these momma’s are all due in the next few weeks. We always hope for twins and triplets. Hopefully photos next week.


I wrote the first paragraph on June 7. B called me Friday, June 10 and guess what! Three lambs are on the ground. A single and a set of twins. No pictures yet.

B has a group of faithful volunteers that show up each Monday to help her with all types of chores. This week they helped me move the the portable electric fence. When I arrived the early arriving volunteers were already on break. There was homemade strawberry pie.  So we sat around on porch of the pottery house drank coffee, ate pie and told stores. Actually we just complained about the lack of rain. That was even before I did any work.

Well then four of us went out and rolled up the fencing, picked up the battery and found another grazing spot for the girls. The ewes have complete access to a large pasture but we like to get them fresh grazing as often as possible.  Of course, they are off under a shade tree while we humans are working in the hot sun.  Then we went to lunch with soups and salads from vegetables and herbs all grown by B and friends. I was back home in time for my siesta by 1:30. Life is rough on the farm.