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Written by: Bobbie
December 21, 2012


Mother and Lamb   |   Warmest wishes for this holiday timeĀ and a prosperous 2013 from Golden Acres Ranch.

We are having a quiet time this December 25. Our youngest son and family from close by will be coming for dinner. Everyone else was here earlier in the year and will be spending at home time with their own families. We miss them but know their own traditions are important as their families mature and begin to leave the nest.

Our time will be spent watching for new lambs and kids. This cold spell will be just the thing that brings them on. We are grateful that the rain has passed. Goat babies do not do well in the cold and wet. Lambs are born with that warm wooly coat that is water repellent.

So far, only one lamb has been born. The others look ready but they always fool us. Of course, we still have that spoiled bottle fed goat Ernie running all around.