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Melinda’s Journal Farm Sketches

Written by: Christine
July 23, 2012


Lyre-leaf sage, Salvia lyrataYou’ve heard us talk about friend and local artist, Melinda Copper in other blog posts. Melinda and her artist husband Bob are important contributors to the health and well-being of Golden Acres. Melinda took over hand-feeding Stevie when Mom was out for knee surgery, she’s painted signs and boxes, and the Gothic Farmers you find on our jelly and sauce labels. Just last week Mom copied me this short update to Melinda. Suheily is an intern who just finished her time at Golden Acres.

Today is Suheily’s last day and it is a busy one. She found a turtle out on Barnes Road and it is a water turtle. It was apparently looking for a new pond. Ours are unreliable keeping water in them. Would it be alright to bring it to your place?

Now we want to invite you to Melinda’s new drawing and painting journal, Farm Sketches. See her latest works and enjoy her lovely descriptions of farm life and the thinking that goes into each piece. Here’s a sample of her writing.

Mine is not a farm in any conventional sense, but a lot of pets with hooves, fur, and feathers (and varying attitudes), even the odd wild creature that shares the space from time to time.  Nobody here considers themselves livestock!  I try small bits of experimental gardening which doesn’t aim at production of food so much as watching it grow and all the other unplanned life that grows along with it. Every bit of it is exquisitely beautiful, a wonder and a treasure.  There aren’t enough hours in the day or years left to get as much on paper or canvas as I would like, but here’s my best shot.

I looked through and picked one of my favorites to show on this page. Sign up to be a member of Melinda’s site and go to Fine Art America to see which peices are on sale.