Mayhaw Berry Harvest Festival 2017

It’s that time of year again. Time for the Mayhaw Trees to be producing berries! But are they? There was a late frost just as the trees came out of dormancy, and this winter was too warm and dry. So we are checking them every day to see what the harvest might be like. For a Berry Barometer Report, check our Mayhaw Berry Festival Page.

Fresh berries or not, we are gearing up for a fun festival, gathering together our sponsors and local vendors.

Some of the special happenings for this year’s festival are…

Petting Puppies

Honey had a litter of fluffy, healthy pups on March 18th. All but one of them are sold and will be ready to go to their new homes on Saturday, May 13th, the first day of the Festival.

Honeys puppies at about 6 weeks

Now India (Honey’s mom) just had a litter this last weekend! They won’t be ready for new homes until June, but they will be here, and crawling around, for the Festival.

We’re only putting some of our posts in the Newsletter now. So come on by the website to see more.

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