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Markets and Our Holiday Schedule

Written by: Bobbie
December 11, 2011


Sorry I didn’t make it last week. I had to take care of some animal issues here at the farm due to the sudden shift in cold and windy weather. My plan is to be there this week, December 14 and also Wednesday December 21.

Cranberry Sauce Label    |

Lake Ella Growers Market

Wednesday, December 14
3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

This week will be the full range of jellies, jams and cranberry sauce. Remember we have those small jars that make great stocking stuffers.  Full Moon Farm will be along also. I’ll probably bring along our newest little orphan guy to bottle feed. So I’ll need some help if you can stop by. I am also planning a sampling of Merquez (lamb sausage). I’m told it will be a beautiful day.

USDA Processing This Week

We have taken goats this week and a few small lambs for processing. Product will be available Wednesday, December 21 at Lake Ella by the cut. You can still stock your freezer by buying live goat to process yourself. We will take it to Johnston’s Meat Locker for you if that’s where you want to have it done. You can then have it custom cut to your specifications. The orders have been coming in fast and there are only six goats left. Come out to the farm and pick out your own. We sell by the pound “live weight” and include the price of delivery to Johnston’s. Their charges are separate and it depends on how it is cut and the wrap procedure you want. Call them for an estimate 850-997-5622.

Red Hills Online Market

We are listing weekly on the Red Hills Online Market. They now have two pick up areas. Many of the farmers that attend local markets also list on this site. You can still enjoy fresh and locally produced food. It certainly helps those that cannot attend the live market sites because of conflicts in schedules.