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Marketing Changes

Written by: Bobbie
January 4, 2012


Monticello Courthouse  |   We are not able to come to Lake Ella Growers Market for a while. Fred is having a minor eye surgery repair next Thursday, January 12 and I’m struggling with a bum knee. What’s the saying “Old age is not for sissies.” Anyway, we are fortunate that we are both in good health and these episodes are minor blips in our busy and exciting lives.

Lamb and Goat or Jelly and Jam – We will continue to list our products on the Red Hills Online Market which has several pickup locations in Tallahassee. I will be expanding that list over the next few weeks – more goat and lamb cuts especially.

Here in Monticello, Johnston’s Meat Market is carrying all our meat products. We process what we can raise ourselves so some cuts sell out quickly. Right now there is plenty of goat on hand but lamb is limited. You can email me and I will let you know what is on hand.

Johnston’s is located on US 90 just inside the Monticello city limits.  Come out of Tallahassee on Tennessee Street which is also Mahan Drive. It is a pleasant tree lined rolling hills drive traveling east to Monticello.

Several places in Monticello carry our jelly and jam and all are withing easy traveling distance of Johnston’s. Full Moon Farm, with their unfiltered local honey and beekeeping supplies, is located with Tupelo’s Bakery and Cafe. Tupelo’s has breakfast and lunch. All the breads, pastries, soups and salads are made fresh daily from organic and natural products. They are located just before the Jefferson County Courthouse on West Washington Street.

Then there is Rosemary Tree Cafe and Gift Shop located on North Jefferson Street. Take the round-about at the courthouse and it leads you directly there. We also have our Mayhaw Jelly at Jefferson County Farmers Market on East Washington Street which is just a few blocks east of the courthouse. They have a full supply of fresh vegetables and fruits. They also crack and shake freshly gathered pecans for our local farmers.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Jefferson County Courthouse is the hub of our quaint town. On that circle is the Opera House built in 1890. I’m told it is haunted along with several historical locations. Local bed and breakfasts and the old jail house are just a few of the places featured on the Ghost Tours conducted through our Monticello/Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce. And while you are here, check out our collectable and antique shops all round the downtown. Remember these are short city blocks and all with in easy walking distance.