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Long Hot Summer!

Written by: Bobbie
August 19, 2016


mom-and-mimi-august2016aWhat has been going on since the Mayhaw Festival. Mostly we’ve been trying to avoid the heat. That means chores get done in the morning, though not all that early. It’s a myth that all farmers get up before dawn. I might wake up as the first light hits the windows but my first motion is to start a pot of coffee.

It is really pleasant to sit in the living room or on the front deck to watch the sun rise. It is especially quiet that time of day. Sometimes some of the family joins me with their coffee. Mimi, at  3 1/2 years, comes bursting on the scene with a thump and bump coming down the stairs and lots of happy talk. I get to hear her dreams and imaginary conversations with her friend Brianna. Then she and Mom Charissa go out an take on the feeding schedule. Fred feeds and moves pets around the kennels. Christine takes her dog Bailey out for a nice run to start the day before she goes to her office. I check on the keets hatching and brooding. Then I take food to Roper, India and Honey and the day begins.

This spring we had the remainder of our pine tree crop harvested. These were the ones all around the house and barn. It was a difficult job with all the fences and buildings, but the harvesting crew did a great job. Not too much unusable debris. It was piled in each field for us to eventually burn. We are working on it one pasture at a time making sure we have water, manpower and equipment to keep it from getting away. I should say womanpower.  Charissa is handling most of it and I use the word “we” loosely since my contribution seems to be mostly directing. Mimi and I get out and play pick up sticks to help clean up but I don’t think we put much dent in the mess.