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Legislative Spouses Tour

Written by: Bobbie
March 13, 2012


Florida Farm Bureau logo  |   On February 22, we were honored to be part of the Jefferson County Farm Bureau sponsored Legislative Spouses Tour. This annual event has been in Madison County in past years and Jefferson County hosted it for the first time this year. Spouses of Florida House and Senate members and other guests visited four local agriculture farms and ranches and had lunch at the historic Opera House. Lunch consisted of local raised and grown meat and vegetables.

Jefferson County Extension Office was conducting agriculture awareness classes with┬áthird and fourth graders and some home-schooled children. They sponsored a contest and 54 children participated to prepare placemats for the tables. The local Camellia Garden Circle decorated the luncheon tables with Camellia’s from local gardens. Many locals participated in the meal preparation and serving. The presentation was outstanding and the food was delicious.

Here at Golden Acres Ranch, we got to show off our newborn lambs, miniature goats, chickens and guineas and, of course, we cannot forget our big guardian dogs. There were some children along with the tour and they got to feed Belle, the bottle-fed lamb, and play with Stevie, our blind little goat. Stevie manages by following voices and she did get plenty of hugs and petting.

A great time was had by all and it gave the Farm Bureau of Jefferson County a chance to show off the agricultural side of this quiet rural community.