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Lamb Twins Born Saturday, January 7

Written by: Bobbie
January 8, 2012

Photo of lamb twins and ewe

Lamb Twins with Momma

We now have numbers six and seven, a boy and a girl.

This time the boy is the smaller of the two and he has a cropped, curly, close-to-the-body, white coat. His nose is black and he is cute. Sister must have been born first. She is larger and more active. She is completely white.

I’ve seen them both nursing which is always important. Colostrum, which is momma’s first milk, is what keeps them alive and healthy. This is a first time mom and she is doing her job well. She calls to them, sniffs and licks them thoroughly, then makes sure they stay with her. It is amazing how instinctive this all is.

The little boy kept wondering around checking out the other ewes but momma would come and get him. That was yesterday. Today momma’s out in the thick of things and the two little ones are bouncing right along with her.

The lambs that were born in late December are brave enough to run off and play together but run to mom if anything strange happens. We are hoping for a bumper crop this year. The ewes that are still at O’Toole’s Herb Farm should be producing in February. Henry, the daddy of them all, is with them now.

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