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Lake Ella, May 11. Sorry we won’t be there.

Written by: Bobbie
May 9, 2011


It is just too close to the Mayhaw Harvest Farm Festival. Please plan on coming out to the farm on Saturday, May 14 or Sunday May 15. I mentioned early that the Mayhaw berries were ripening early this year. We have a 3 week window to gather the berries, clean and prepare them for customers. What doesn’t get sold fresh goes into the freezer for jelly making.  That weekend will be the tail end of the harvesting.  Right now we have a crew come in 3 or 4 days a week and we get out there in between.

We will be back at Lake Ella Growers Market on May 18.  Full Moon Apiary won’t be there on that date but I’ll have some of the honey with me.