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Lafayette Street Organic Growers Market

Written by: Bobbie
June 13, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2001
3:00 PM to 6:30 PM

My friends from Johnston’s Meat Locker are coming along to help me. We’ll cook up some lamb or goat samples (haven’t made up my mind yet) and also have some surprise samples from Johnston’s. Remember that is in the parking lot of The Moon. The weather prediction is HOT – 100 degrees and scattered showers. We’ll try our best to work around these but you know if there is lots of lightening I won’t get out in it. We all need that rain so we will work around it as best possible.

I should have some lamb neck roast & cubed which make great pot roast and stew. I’ll bring some goat leg and shoulder along with some goat ribs which are great for grilling.  Our next scheduled processing date for lamb and goat is mid-July then we will have ground and chops and such.

And we won’t forget the Mayhaw Jelly. There will be samples of both the regular jelly and the Mayhaw Pepper Jelly which has become really popular. I’m watching the blueberry patch I use for Blueberry Jam but they are not quite ready. Need the rain to make them big and juicy. As soon as they are ripe, we’ll have the jam back on the table.

We will have some of the Full Moon Apiary Honey will us too.